The project has received the honorary patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Argentina in Poland and the financial support of the Bielsko-Biala City.

The stars of the festivalito:
  • GAIA PISAURO & LEANDRO FURLAN (Italy / Argentina / currently Berlin, DE) one of the best instructor couples in Europe. They will lead workshops on Friday-Saturday-Sunday (June 01-03) and give the show during the evening GALA MILONGA on Saturday.
  • ORQUESTA PASIONAL (Moskva, Russia) one of the best tango music virtuoso teams will give two concertos (live milongas).
  • T-DJ Team (alphabetically):
  1. Roman Hatalak (Krakow, Poland)
  2. Lechosław Hojnacki (Bielsko-Biala, Poland)
  3. Jonas Maria Joma (Koeln, Germany)
  4. Krzysztof Rumiński (Torun, Poland)
  5. Arletta Sadowska (Wroclaw Poland)
  6. Urszula Wojtkowiak (Warsaw, Poland)
  • The milongas place: Metrum Jazz Club, Partyzantów 22, Bielsko-Biala (free parking).
    This is the best milonga place in Bielsko-Biala, the best jazz club in the region, excellent acoustics and the great, big, wooden dance floor. 
  • The workshops place: the auditorium of the Tyszkiewicz Academy of Business, ul. Nadbrzeżna 12, Bielsko-Biala.
    Large hall, wooden floor, free internal parking.
    Language of the workshops: English.
  • Full info: see the program online, printable and downloadable